Precision Machined Components Since 1985

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At KTD Machining we service all facets of the precision machining industry.

 Aerospace - Alternative Energies - Automotive

  Automation -Defense - Food Service - Medical

CNC Machining                                    Hard Milling    
CNC Turning                                         Hard Turing
3D Surface Machining                        Tool Design
Multipurpose Fixturing                      CMM Fixture Designs
 On-site Consultation                         Fixture Assembly   
Short to Medium Production             Process Improvement
                           Quick Turnaround Detail Work    
                                   Reverse Engineering
 We offer extensive Reverse Engineering services of worn or broken components. Components that often take the original manufactures 6-12 weeks to produce. We can turn these parts around in less than two weeks in most cases.
We have experience machining most Common and Exotic materials. Including All die steels, Stainless, Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper Alloys, Inconel, Invar, and many plastics
At KTD we utilize the feature recognition properties of       Solidworks 2010 coupled with Mastercam X4 CAM technology.
We accept most cad file types, PDF prints, and Jpegs